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Tell us in few sentences where do you come from, what is your background. Are you already an Entrepreneur, or you want to become? What is your idea, on which market?

Global Connection

You already have a Startup, but you need connection to other markets? What is your startup doing? Which market would you like to approach? Why do you think your product would fit onto your chosen market?

Mentoring Program

You don’t know which market would fit to you product? You don’t know what would be the next step? You need somebody who can help you making the right decisions? We can help you find the perfect mentors, in 60 different markets.


You want to start a company but you don’t have the capital for the beginning? You already have a startup, but you would need more money to go further? You want to scale you services, but you would need money? We can help you find investors in 30 different market and 60 different countries.


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