Netflorista is a new approach to flower delivery. First started in Budapest, Hungary, quickly expanded to rest of Hungary and now eyes major European florist markets.


FaceKom is a truly market driven concept - online learning through video gave ground to some truly admirable technologies.  FaceKom is one of those.  After Global Traction introduced them to one of the largest banks in Hungary their traction was unstoppable - right now they are in 13 countries and counting..!


Started in Slovakia by a Maltese as the first all digital no-touch mortgage origination platform in 2017 Hypomo is taking CEE by storm.  Open in Hungary, moving on to bigger targets in the surrounding countries...!


Nothing is more fowerful than an idea whose time has come - this company is a true testament to this adage. Solving their own problem first Webshippy guys are in Hungary, serving Croatia, Slovakia and Romania are best suited to be a force to reckon with in the webshop enablers market.  

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