Going International

There are multiple dimension of the international expansion effort.  We work with clients along the following lines of thought and action such as:


  • Discoverability of the startup (project) early on

  • Inbound / Outbound Communication management

  • International Market Entry Methods

  • International Networking 

  • International Research

  • Platforms as market access 

Startup Development

Most mistakes that drag down a startup are made in the first days of its existence.  We help client companies come to terms with the fact that building a startup is more science than art and what they have to focus on. Methodology and practice of conscious management, customer discovery and learning to live with the unknown are essential skills of survival for the newly formed entity.  We tailor-make our approach to each startup to help them avoid these early pitfalls and become good at anticipating,  deciding and execution. 


There is a point in the growth path of a startup or scaleup where it needs serious funding.  We prepare and help startups in learning to get accustomed to what it takes to enter the fundraising phase and also connect them with appropriate capital sources - VCs or angels and angel groups.

If the startup requests it, we continue to support the team through the negotiation process with the potential investor, all the way to the finalization and execution of the investment event. 

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